Heating, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Services

Commercial HVAC

Sub-Cooling approaches Commercial HVAC service with the objective to not only control temperature, but also humidity, air quality, and air movement from space to space. Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial buildings, which are built for commerce, including offices, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.
  • Institutional buildings, which includes government buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Industrial spaces where thermal comfort of workers is desired.
  • Environmental control of data centers, I.T./Server Rooms
  • Clean rooms for production of integrated circuits, pharmaceuticals, for which very high levels of air cleanliness & control of temperature & humidity are required for the process.

Residential Services

When performing a residential air conditioning & heating repair, Sub-Cooling is committed to keeping an acceptable comfort level for our clients in Central Florida.

Regular maintenance will ensure your system is running at full capacity. So whether you need your system maintained, repaired or replaced, our highly trained & experienced technicians will provide the speedy, high-quality service you can depend on. No job is too big or small, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project.

Refrigeration & Restaurants

Sub-Cooling considers commercial food & produce cold storage as a critical component of your establishments daily operation. We service all makes & models offering 24 hour emergency service.

  • Walk in coolers
  • Walk in freezers
  • Reach in coolers
  • Reach in freezers
  • Ice machines
  • Line coolers
  • Exhaust fans & kitchen grill hoods
  • Wine coolers
  • Swamp coolers
  • Hardware and gaskets

About Us

Sub-Cooling is Central Florida's Premier Heating, AC and Refrigeration Company.

Sub-Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning has a combined 40 years experience in the industry. All of our factory trained technicians are radio dispatched and take pride in in bringing comfort to your home or office. While providing 24 hour service in response to emergencies, we stand by our work and look forward to building long lasting relationships with our customers based on providing quality workmanship, quick response time at an economical price. Call today today we are here for you.

Our Mission

To Be our customers first choice for air conditioning heating and refrigeration solutions in Central Florida.

Ensuring Comfort And Peace of Mind For your Home and Business Throughout Central Florida and in every facet of daily life, Sub cooling Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is there. We create comfortable environments regardless of the climate. We provide solutions that maintain exceptional indoor air quality-controlling humidity, allergens and harmful pollutants. At every touch point with consumers and in every project undertaking we pursue, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and products that meet our customers, diverse needs in there homes and place of business.

As Florida residents we also recognize the vital importance of maintaining a responsible balance between the comfort we create today and the world we live in tomorrow Sub-Cooling Heating & Air Conditioning inc is an industry leader with factory trained technicians who are dedicated to providing professional service and solutions that fulfill our customers demands.

Hints & Tips

Top 4 benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance

1. Save energy. A lot can happen to your heating and cooling units over time that prevents them from performing efficiently. When a technician inspects your units, he or she will ensure that they are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, which will cut down on the amount of energy they use.

2. Avoid unnecessary repairs. When you have HVAC preventive maintenance twice a year, you can stop problems to your units before they start. This will minimize the amount of times you have to call a contractor to come to your home and make repairs.

3. Keep your home safe. If you have a gas furnace there is a chance that carbon monoxide can leak into your air. When performing preventive maintenance, a technician can identify safety risks such as a cracked heat exchanger and fix any problems before they pose a threat to your family.

4. Extend the life of your units. One of the best benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance is that it will extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Just like oil changes and tune-ups keep your car in good shape, preventive maintenance will keep your heating and cooling units healthy for years to come.

Winter Heating Tips!

If you want to reduce your heat bill, keep the thermostat turned down (68 degrees)! If you get cold, throw on an extra layer of clothes or snuggle up under a blanket before you turn up the heat.

Perform regular maintenance on your furnace. Change or clean the filters, and if necessary, call in a service professional to test the efficiency of your heating system.

Have your utility company perform an energy audit. Audits will provide you with an evaluation of your home's energy efficiency. Many companies offer this service at no charge. If you want to lower your heat bill and learn how you can save energy, this is a great start.

If you have an old boiler or furnace, you may want to install a more energy efficient heating system.

Check your windows. Old leaky windows allow the cold air to come in and the warm air to escape. Over time, new windows could save you quite a bit of money in heating costs. Check your doors. If necessary, replace weather stripping to prevent cold drafts.

Summer Cooling Tips!

Turn up your thermostat

Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees or off when you are away. Using ceiling or room fans allows you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room. Always take into account health considerations and be sure to drink plenty of fluids in warm weather. (Save: 1 - 3 percent per degree, for each degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees)

Replace air conditioner filters

Dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use. Replace filters monthly for maximum benefit. (Save: 1-2 percent)

Plug your home's leaks

Weather-strip, seal, and caulk leaky doors and windows and install foam gaskets behind outlet covers. (Save: up to 2 percent)

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